Comparison of HTML and Gemtext

HTML (Living Standard — Last Updated 27 April 2022)Gemtext (Speculative specification v0.16.1, January 30th 2022)
Markup RequiredCan just write a text
Markup errors exist (most user agents complement the errors and the content is not rendered unreferenced, but accessibility is reduced)Practically no markup errors exist
Inline marks availableNo inline marks
Maximum level of headings is 6Maximum level of headings is 3
Meta information and relationships between content can be made explicitNo explicit meta information, relationships between content
Various presentations (information provision/acquisition) are possiblePresentation (information provision/acquisition) is limited
Can explicitly state document structure, such as footer, contact information, etc.
  • Emphasis, footer, and other marks, so that user agents can recognize them and easily grasp the document structure (can extract, skip, hide, or change the color scheme)
No explicit document structure, such as footer, contact information, etc.
  • No emphasis, footer, or other marks, so that clients cannot recognize them and have difficulty understanding the document structure (cannot extract, skip, hide, or change the color scheme)
Semantic readability has human and machine. Example: source of quotationSemantic readability has only for humans. Example: source of quotation
Can be used in conjunction with CSS to make documents easier to read (more flexible settings)
  • Can disable author's style sheet
  • Can override reader's style sheet
Style sheets are not available
  • Client can be configured to make the document easier to read, but less flexible than CSS
Margins between headings and paragraphs are in units specified, and controlled by the author/reader.Margins between headings and paragraphs are line by line, and controlled by the author.
Whitespace characters are combined into one (double-byte spaces are rendered unlimitedly)Whitespace characters are rendered unlimitedly
Blank lines are not renderedBlank lines are rendered unlimitedly
Third party requests can be madeNot possible to make third-party requests
Can execute something other than textNot allowed to execute anything other than text
Can provide media other than textProvide text media only
Takes time to check markupsJust write and upload
Difficult to develop user agents due to complex specificationsEasy to develop clients due to simplified specifications