Thoughts on Gemtext

This document is a summary of Gemtext雜感.

Protocol and Markup Language

First, we should clarify that the Gemini protocol and the Gemtext markup language are not the same thing. Certainly, the Gemtext document is Gemini's native response format, closely related to the protocol and its users. However, users are not required to deliver Gemtext documents, and can publish documents in other formats (e.g., HTML).

On the other hand, since most of the content that can be consulted with the Gemini protocol is Gemtext documents, it is inevitable that the quality of the content will be affected. Therefore, the two evaluations are very easily confused.

I am not familiar with either protocol or markup language, but as an HTML document author, here are my intuitive impressions of the Gemtext language/document.

After viewing some Gemtext documents

Halfway separation of document and appearance

Blank Lines

Paragraph, section, and topic separators are logical document structures, but text lines and blank lines have no such meaning in the specification.

Whitespace characters

The specification does not say anything about the handling of whitespace characters on lines other than preformatted text.

Significance of In-Line Marks

Appendix: Notes on Protocol

Appendix: Services already in existence (as of 2022-05-14)